Monday, August 29, 2016

Sometimes I sits and thinks

Sometimes on a wet afternoon you leave the TV and the radio switched off and think.

You think about the past and the future. The people you knew. The people you never met but you felt you knew them.

The things you wish you'd done and the things you wish you hadn't. The things that you know now that you'll never do.

I guess that's life, in all its richness and heartache. But every day we get a new 24 hours, to do with as we wish...

Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Had lunch in Cygnet at the Commercial Hotel, "the bottom pub". Glad to see that not only do they still have the photograph of James Harvey in the Dining Room, they're building a new function space to be called The Harvey Room. He was my great-grandfather and proprietor of the hotel until 1903.

I don't get down there that often (it's a 140km round trip) but I like to check in on the place whenever I'm down the Huon.