Monday, November 15, 2004

Spring action

Maybe it's because it's Spring, but the animals at Julie's place seem to be very active this week. In the morning a couple of days ago, I opened the hen house to let the chickens out, and they tried to rush me. It was like a prison break in an old movie. I managed to hold them back without losing any, but a whip and a chair wouldn't have gone amiss for a minute there.

Then that night I let the dogs out in the yard to run around before I finished. I was standing under a tree in the yard wearing that little headlamp I use at nights there, just looking around in the quiet and the darkness. Then Emma, the hyper-active Border Collie, comes barrelling across the yard at full speed and runs into my shins at full speed. "OW!" I bellowed. "What more could I do to make myself visible? Let off flares? Ring a bell?" Days later, there's still a mark on mhy left leg.

I know that Firefly, the new science-fiction programme from the creator of Buffy, only ran for one season in the U.S., but it seems to show a certain lack of faith by the Australian networks to premiere it in the 12:30 time slot after any potential audience for it is probably in bed asleep.

But since they do the same thing with all the Star Trek shows, I guess we aren't that surprised.

Friday morning was the first morning I woke up feeling refreshed for a couple of weeks. Every other night I've variously been late getting to sleep, woken up early, or had a disturbed night (or all three if I'm unlucky).

On Thursday I had a busy day planned so I was hoping to get enough rest the night before; alas, the rooster in the hall decided to start crowing almost two hours before the time I had set my clock radio for.

No jokes about alarm cocks please.

At least my BGL readings haven't been too bad this month. The numbers on my little diabetes monitor are still above 7.0 sometimes but now and again they drop down to 6.8 or 6.7 in the morning, which is quite encouraging.

I have to see my endocrinologist in four weeks, so I had better have some good numbers or he won't be pleased.

Isn't it always the way?

I've been trying to track down one of the Paul Temple radio serials that I'm missing from my collection, "Paul Temple and the Margo Mystery". I did a Google search and discovered I could get an MP3 disc from America that included it with another story that I already have.

It seemed worth getting, even though the other story wasn't needed. Especially since the shop's website laid great stress on how they tried to make their discs the best possible quality, unlike their rivals.

So I sent for it and this week it arrived.

And it won't run in any computer or player that I own.

Murphy's Law seems to apply to MP3s just as to anything else.


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