Wednesday, January 26, 2005

hot time today

Today, January 26th, is Australia Day.

To all Australian readers, God bless the lands of the Southern Cross!

But the problem with having our national day in the middle of summer is that sometimes it can be darned hot.

Yesterday was warm enough, but today it simply got hotter by the hour till it peaked at 37º – about 98º in the old scale.

My sister lay down in her room and checked her e-mail messages. I slumped down in my armchair in front of the electric fan and drowsed for an hour. The temperature was around 35º and the humidity was about 50% according to the thermometer on my desk.

About 6 o'clock thunder started to roll in across the northern suburbs. There was a roar as the rain came down on the roof, almost deafening us for a few minutes. It didn't last long and I walked out into the driveway; the temperature had dropped nearly ten degrees, to my relief.

The house was still hot inside and I opened the kitchen windows to let the breeze in. Everything promptly blew off the kitchen table, but I guess you can't have everything.

Julie finally got round to taking her car in to the garage. The last few weeks it's been using enough oil to keep a unit of bren-gun carriers operating in the western desert. She's been carrying a drum of oil around with her so she can fill it up before she drives anywhere.

We hoped they could fix it up quickly but, nope, more serious than they thought, come back next week.

Stopped in to try a new place in the North Hobart restaurant belt, the Raincheck Lounge. An odd name, but the food seems good. I had the spinach-pear-walnut salad with blue cheese dressing.

Julie had the Thai Beef salad and quite liked it. Even though with one of her last bites she bit into something extra spicy that made her eyes widen. "Wow!" she choked. I gave her a piece of my pear to help her mouth settle down.

Star Trek: Enterprise returns for the year with “Exile” - the reason I found this a bit difficult to follow at first is that Australian television broke for the summer in the middle of season #3. So the American audience would have seen the previous episode a week before this one, rather than three months. Plot resembles a 22nd century Beauty and the Beast.

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