Monday, March 07, 2005

Old Time String Band

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One Saturday night recently we went out to a club in New Town – something that is a bit unusual for me and my sister. But we'd heard at the Music Showcase last week that there was a CD launch there for a local group.

It turned out to be a bit more elaborate than I'd expected. I thought the band would play a couple of songs, plug their CD and serve refreshments. We ended up getting home about 11:30pm.

The CD was the first one for H.O.T. (the Hobart Old Time String Band). Not only were they doing some of their songs, but there were a lot of other groups – the Hobart music scene is small enough that a large group like HOT overlaps in membership with four other bands.

This meant we also heard from Eclectic Jug, One Step Back, Rocky Tom and especially the female trio The String Chickens whose music and style were retro with a twinkle in the eye. When are they going to release their own CD?

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We stopped for supper at interval (and quite a spread it was too) then another hour of enthusiastic music before we finally stumbled out into the cool clear night air. At least in the modern world you don't have to cope with the smoke-filled clubs of previous decades. I don't think I could stand a room filled with cigarette smoke nowadays.

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