Thursday, April 06, 2006

wet wet

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A good thing that the City Council fixed the problem with the water seeping onto Julie's property. The climate has taken a turn for the worse, with rain and snow suddenly a fixture on the weather forecasts. If the seepage had been combined with the recent rain, her yard would have been a veritable morass.

As it is, I've been reminded that those old shoes I wear when I go to her place are ready to be discarded. They are only intermittently waterproof, and going up and down the front path on a wet day is less than comfortable.

Well, I may have been overly optimistic about my back - it seemed to be improving a little every day over the last week, but on Tuesday I forgot to take any pain-killers before I went to the office and after a few hours I knew about it.

It didn't help that Tuesday evening I always take Kay to the supermarket on the way home. All that bobbing up and down moving things in and out of the shopping trolley was the last straw and I was in some discomfort by the time we reached her cottage.

Not that there was that much food to unload. Nowadays she seems to live mostly on yogurt, ice cream and potato crisps. A lot of the supplies were blank tapes for her video recorder – she never buys less than 20 three-hour tapes and this week I carted in 30 tapes for her stockpile.

On reaching home I took some paracetemol and retired to my armchair for most of the evening. After a few hours I was able to move around the house without wincing at every step.

The introduction of podcasting has proved to be another success story for ABC Radio with the number of listeners taking advantage of this service making Australia's national broadcaster a world leader in the field.
Most recent figures show that in one week in February there were over 360,000 accesses to the ABC's podcast files.

ABC Radio National's podcasting service had a record number of mp3s downloaded in the last week of February. The network continues to extend the number of programs available for downloading. Since the start of this year programs added to the available list include Radio National Breakfast, The Book Show, Saturday Extra, By Design, Counterpoint, The National Interest, Rear Vision, Perspective and Radio Eye. These additions bring the total list available to 26 different programs.

The ABC's triple j was the first station to podcast in Australia but because it is a music station copyright laws prevent their podcasting most of their content.

ABC Local Radio is selecting popular program segments such as Shannon Lush the best-selling guru on stain removal, special events such as the Newcastle Music Awards or creating material especially for podcasting as ABC Central Coast in NSW is doing.

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But if you have a taste for more downmarket radio programmes, you'll find lots of old-time drama and comedies at the Zoot Radio website. There is a thriving forum where questions and answers fly at speed through cyberspace.


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