Saturday, December 10, 2016

I had it here ... somewhere ...

So once again I had no idea what I'd done with the plastic box I keep all my diabetes stuff in.  I remembered I moved it when I went across to Julie's place  -- but did I bring it back?  

I looked in my house, I looked in the car.   I didn't find it, but that was no guarantee it wasn't there.

So the next morning, after staying in bed late, I finally got over to Julie's place to give the 21-year-old cat her tablet.   Couldn't see anything but I wandered around for a bit ...  and there it was next to the kettle.   I must have put it down when I stopped to make myself a coffee last time I was there.

I took a long overdue injection of Byetta, made myself a sandwich and took my diabetes and blood-pressure tablets.  Felt a bit better after a while, sat and read for a bit.  (THE INHERITORS by Jill Dobson)

Think I feel well enough to go home and start on some housework, throwing out the moldy bread and rotten fruit that has become such a part of my everyday life in recent times.   Julie's house may not be perfect, but it is closer to meeting minimum standards for being habitable than mine is.

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