Monday, October 15, 2018

cat chaos


I had feared the worst when I brought Julie’s cat Silk over to live at my house. What if he ran away? What if he fought with the neighborhood cats? What about my two cats?

Well, he didn’t run away and as far as I know he hasn’t been in any fights. In fact my problems have been more to do with my two cats than with him. The two Cornish Rex cats have been indoor cats all their lives, not uncommon for that breed. I used to let the black cat out on the lawn for five minutes a day so she could get some grass, but the white cat was content to snooze on my bed most of the day.

But with me letting Silk in and out, they got the idea that going outside was something worth trying. It’s now got to the point where I have to count the cats before I close the back door, in case I shut somebody outside. This morning it was fine and sunny and for most of the afternoon all three cats were tearing around in and out of the house. The big orange cat Silk walks around silently, but the black cat gives little meowing sounds as she goes past, and the white cat lets out a wail if he goes outside and realizes he can’t see me.

I finally drew a chair up to the desk outside the back door and ate my lunch there, trying to soothe the cats as they ran back and forth around me. At one stage the white cat climbed onto my shoulder (a favorite trick of his) and when I stood up he leapt onto the top of the old wardrobe.

They did go to sleep for the evening, which was no surprise -- I think they were completely tired out.

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Mike Hobart said...

Silk passed away peacefully at home after a short illness. After we buried him in my front garden, one of my friends said "He had a good life." I think so too.