Wednesday, June 29, 2005

no cold cash

Getting into this week produced some unexpected events. On the plus side my virus finally began to weaken (I went a whole afternoon without sneezing) and I was able to sleep a full night without antihistamines.

Less pleasing was the discovery that the cheque for my convention membership hadn't been deposited when I thought it had, throwing off my budget. (I must get into Net-banking so I can keep a closer eye on my accounts.) This resulted in my watching my pennies like the most frugal of misers, ticking off the days on the calendar till the cheques I'm expecting in July.

Maybe it's a good thing. It will teach me to curb my impulse buying and learn to distinguish between essentials and luxuries. {Sigh}

At least we have about three months supply of coffee already in the pantry.

Fortunately I'd already paid for this month's batch of CDs from First Generation Radio Archives. They arrived this morning in one of those neat little Global Priority Mail envelopes.

There's music from Arthur Godfrey, Bing Crosby, Rosemary Clooney, Johnny Mercer and Benny Goodman, a thriller starring Boris Karloff introduced by Peter Lorre, quiz shows from the 1940s and more on this set of 20 discs.

Hours of great listening. I look forward to playing them.

Made a point of watching the half-hour documentary/promotion Waging the War of the Worlds the other night. I've been a life-long admirer of the novel but I've seen nothing about what sort of movie the Spielberg re-make was going to be, so I watched with interest.

From what I can gather, the tone of the new film is going to be closer to the novel than the 1950's movie was. The emphasis will be more on one family's reaction to the invasion rather than following world events.

Even Tom Cruise looks reasonably convincing as a working man caught up in things beyond his wildest imaginings.

I might almost be tempted to go to a cinema to see this one -- something that I seldom do in recent years.


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