Thursday, December 22, 2005

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Over the summer you will hear a few unfamiliar voices on 936 when local
radio goes national and programs are broadcast from different parts of

From 28 December to January 6, Nick Rheinberger will present the National
Summer Mornings program from Hobart on ABC Local Radio. Nick will showcase
the best that Hobart has to offer. He will feature local talent, soak up
the buzz of Summer Festival and the excitement of the Sydney to Hobart
Yacht Race.

As an accomplished ukulele player, Nick is looking forward to
meeting the Ukes of Hazard (three ukulele playing females) who will
headline at the Gaiety Grande during the Summer Festival. Nick is planning
to bring both his ukulele and his charango (a Bolivian string instrument a
cross between a ukulele and a mandolin, usually heard in the jungles of
South America). Nick will also preview the Cygnet Folk Festival, with a
live performance by the Spondooli Brothers.

The Mornings program will move out of the studio for two days on December
29 Nick will broadcast from the steps of the Marine Board building and on
January 3 he will be at Parliament House Lawns from 9am-12md. The program
will be webstreamed via

The irreverent and witty Coodabeen Champions are also heading this way and
will broadcast nationally from the Hobart studio on Saturday, 31st

On Sunday 1st, they will venture out of the studio and head
down to the waterfront, out the front of the Marine Board building, whey
they will broadcast their program from 6.309pm. The guys want to savour
all the atmosphere around the docks and invite everyone to come down and
say hello.

The Regular Team:

Ric is heading off for a well-deserved break after a gruelling schedule
with on air commitments and the ABC Giving Tree. But he will be back next
year to wake you up in the morning. Ric passes on his heartfelt thanks to
everyone who was involved with or donated to the Giving Tree making it our
most successful year ever. He thinks he is very lucky spending Christmas
with his wife, children and grandchildren and wishes everyone a very Merry
Christmas and all the best for 2006.

Coxy is taking a two-week break, resurfacing on 936 Breakfast for a couple
of weeks (09-20 January), and returning to Mornings on 23 January.
We'll be he reckons drawing close to the Premier announcing an election
by then, so let's hope he has his wits about him from the off.
In the meantime, from all at Mornings, have a great Christmas and a
wonderful 2006. And let's leave the alarm off for a couple of weeks, hey?

Sarah Gillman has been filling in since Trevor Jackson departed for sunny
Queensland, so we will wait expectantly to find out who will be sitting in
the chair for 2006.

This has been a busy year for Louise on Drive, especially with most of the
first half of it being spent on the Morning Program, but she is looking
forward to being back on the radio at 10 past Four on Monday, January 23rd.
They've got a few surprises for you next year with the show too. Louise and
Lynn hope everyone has a Merry Xmas and a Happy 2006.

Night owls Annie and Carol are about to abandon their nocturnal habits for
a long stretch and become morning people once again. What with nationally
networked summer programming and the Australian Open Tennis, your
'nighties' will be soaking up the sunshine right till the end of
January. Annie and Carol wish you all a very jolly Xmas, and a New Year
that brings all your hearts' desire. They hope you enjoy the tennis 'n the
cricket 'n all that wholesome outdoorsy stuff, and look forward to luring
back to the night lounge come next February.

dig on the radio
If you haven't caught up with it yet, dig on the radio has returned to the
Local Radio airwaves in a regular Saturday night program, starting at 6:30pm.
Hosted by Brian Wise and Michael Mackenzie, the show covers a wide-range of
musical styles and is an entertaining look at familiar as well as newly
released music. There's interviews, album reviews and a live performance in
the studio every week. Already the boys have had Mia Dyson, Stephen
Cummings, Mick Harvey and Sarah Blasko play live on the show.
For more information on dig on the radio check out the website at:

Visit the 936 ABC Hobart website
Or Email if you have any queries or feedback.

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