Wednesday, May 03, 2006

malevolent May

Gosh it's been a shocking day. Tuesday was all right until the next morning, but when I woke up it was an awful day. It poured rain and started to snow on the mountains. At least one party of hikers have already set off their EPIRB mayday signal.

And doesn't this weather find all the leaks in the roof? Over at my sister's house she was running around grabbing up plastic bowls to put under all the drips. At my place the front porch was inundated because I haven't yet done anything about the blocked guttering caused by intrusive vines.

But it could be worse. The little town of Beaconsfield in northern Tasmania is in the spotlight this week because of two miners trapped at the bottom of a gold mine.

The media is all over the place, waiting for triumph or tragedy. So far they've managed to get a pipe through to them so they can communicate and send them fresh water.

And (a sign of the times) an iPod for each of them!

Most of my spare time this week has been spent trying to work why Julie's laptop won't run Internet Explorer any more. Searching and chatting all over the place with no result yet.

The strange part is that she and I have identical machines, so why am I still on-line and she isn't?

It all seemed to start after that last Windows Update but uninstalling it didn't help things.

And why has she lost Virtual Machine from her system?


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