Monday, December 27, 2004

Goose in the garden

The goose we're raising at my house – we still haven't given her a name – looks almost fully grown to me. I have difficulty knowing quite how to treat her. She's actually livestock, but having her in the house with us makes her feel more like a pet.

The other day we were out on the back lawn and she was sitting next to me; when I stretched out in the sun, she moved up and sat right in front of me, looking me right in the face.

I kind of have trouble imagining us turning her out into the farmyard to run with the other geese and take her chances in the great outdoors.

"You know what this makes us?" I said to my sister. "She's Elsa the lioness, I'm Bill Travers and you're Virginia McKenna!"

BBC radio are running a Peter Pan celebration. Apparently it was Christmas 1904, exactly one hundred years ago, that J.M. Barrie's play had its first performance.

Did you know that Daphne du Maurier's father was the first person to play Captain Hook?

Leaving Julie's house last night, we thought we saw a cat or a dog moving in the darkness. Then it turned and bounded away down the streeet. "A wallaby!" I exclaimed. The bouncing gait was unmistakable even in the darkness.

"One of my neighbours said that he's had them in his backyard," said Julie, "I've just never seen one on my side of the street before."

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