Thursday, December 09, 2004

on the up

Wednesday turned out to be a much more upbeat day than I had expected. I had a doctor's appointment and needed to contact my bank about some money I should have received last month. On top of that, I had to get into town in the middle of the Christmas shopping rush.


The first good omen was discovering a parking spot right in the city in a quiet leafy side-street. Not only was there a parking meter – with half an hour still on it – but it was actually in a spot where I could get into it. If you know my driving style, you'd know how unusual such a thing is.

Doctor B was his usual pleasant self. He told me my Blood Glucose Levels were within acceptable bounds and that I'd lost three kilogrammes. (More through good luck than good planning!) The key to controlling my diabetes, he said, was to try and lose weight.

The answer, as if often the case, lies in controlling our own natures.

That wasn't so bad, I thought. I wandered over to the nearest ATM machine to check the balance on my bank account; I'd been doing that a lot this month with dismal results every time. So I stood there gaping when I discovered my balance had increased by $1500 since yesterday.

My phone call yesterday to the company to ask why I hadn't received last month's cheque had obviously borne fruit. This was a great relief since I had been scraping to make ends meet for the last fortnight. I even cleaned out the jar in which I throw all my loose change at the end of the day (it yielded $200 which isn't to be sneezed at in times like this).

I felt as though a weight had been lifted from my shoulders, so I decided to treat myself to lunch in the café at the Harris Scarfe department store. I'll have the roast pork, and don't be stingy with the apple sauce....

Made my way home feeling much encouraged. Money in the bank and a stomach full of meat and vegetables.

Television programming, I've often said, is an arcane art to the layman. But some cases are more mystifying than others.

The Nine Network premiered its new import Joan of Arcadia last Wednesday at 7:30, with episode #2 the following night.

The following week it wasn't on the Wednesday night because of cricket, but episode #3 aired on the Thursday.

Next week the fourth episode will screen on the Wednesday but the fifth one won't be aired until the following Wednesday because of commitments to the Australia-Pakistan test match.

After that, they assure us it should appear every Wednesday and Thursday.


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