Monday, August 22, 2005

back in Winter

The weather continued unsettled in August, with a few days of balmy weather followed by a weekend that snapped back to winter.

On Sunday morning the skies opened while we were on the way into town and I was almost soaked making my way into church. I took my place in the pews and sat there steaming slightly as we opened our hymnbooks.

At lunchtime the sun shone weakly through the drizzle - an infallible sign of snow falling on the mountain.

Maybe the weather is part of the reason my back is playing up today.

I felt all right when I eventually got out of bed this morning, but within half an hour I was conscious of some discomfort. (Now that I think of it, it was just after I helped Julie get the chickens out of their coop, which involved a bit of stretching and twisting.)

By lunchtime I had trouble turning my body to look at anything. This was a bit of a problem since while we were at my sister's house I planned to walk the dogs and unload a couple of sacks of feed. Neither seemed like a good idea anymore.

We bought a couple of smaller bags, and between Julie and myself we managed to get them out of the car and into the storage drum without straining ourselves. I took the dogs out in the yard and let them run around chasing some apples I threw for them. Not quite as much fun as a walk, but less strenuous for me.

We stopped for a cup of coffee in North Hobart. Called in at Aroma, an unusual shop that combines selling CDs with food & drink. I'm not sure if it's a record bar with a coffee machine or a coffee shop with a CD table, but in any case the coffee is really good and the food is edible.

It's funny but I can tolerate mediocre food if the coffee is good, but there are several places I never patronise simply because the coffee is undrinkable.

In the evening we had something to eat so Julie could dose me with anti-inflammatories and see if it made my back any better (so far it's helped a little). We watched the episode of Mythbusters where they experiment to see if it's true that buttered toast always falls face down; afterwards we went out into the kitchen and made a plate of buttered toast!

I quite like the new weekend line-up on ABC television.

Saturday nigh we have classic whodunit stuff in Midsommer Murders, amusing con-man stuff in Hustle and the story of country music in Lost Highway.

I also enoy Sunday night's Broadway: the American Musical and the comedy-thriller about an unorthodox police squad New Tricks.

Who needs commercial television?

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