Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Wattle Day

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National Wattle Day 1 September 2005

On Thursday 1 September, All Australians are asked to wear the green and the gold (Australia’s colours) or a sprig of wattle and welcome each other with a G’day, a smile, a wink or a handshake in the same way as the wattle blossoms gold to welcome in the Australian Spring.

I was surprised to see that the Wattle tree at the end of my garden was actually in flower for Wattle Day this year. Other years I've been mildly annoyed to see it blooming later than any of the other Wattles around the district, but this year it's a mass of golden blossoms for the big day.

Here's one for the Neil Diamond fans: Monday night was the warmest August night ever recorded in Hobart.

The lowest temperature was 15 degrees [about 58º F], up from the previous record of 14.4 degrees.

The weather bureau's Ian Barnes-Keoghan says a windy and cloudy night in the south and east meant daytime temperatures did not drop away as they normally would.

He says the new Hobart minimum breaks a record that has stood for 120 years.

"That's above the previous record of 14.4. That occurred back in 1885, so it's a very long established record that one". A hot August night indeed.

Yet so erratic is the winter weather this month that by Wednesday afternoon Deloraine and parts of northern Tasmania were flooded. The Mersey River has broken its banks and caused localised flooding around Latrobe.

The Main Road at Balyhoo Creek between Tarleton Road and Latrobe Road has been closed, and people are advised to use the Bass Highway to get to and from Latrobe and Devonport.

The State Emergency Service regional manager, Bevis Dutton, says Kentish, Central Coast and Latrobe emergency services will be on stand-by throughout the night.

What can we expect next??

Very sluggish on Wednesday morning. I was still asleep and dreaming when someone phoned to ask if I wanted to sell some raffle tickets for charity. No I didn't.

I wish I could remember that dream in detail. It would knock Edgar Rice Burroughs and Robert E. Howard right off the bookshelves. It was so detailed -- when I woke up I could remember in detail the uniforms that the soldiers wore in the other world I'd dreamed up.

Alas, all the memories fly forgotten as the old hymn has it.

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