Thursday, August 11, 2005

winter wow

The press are warning about severe weather tonight and tomorrow in Tasmania. Queenstown on the west coast is apparently already cut off, and snowfalls down to sea level are predicted for southern parts of the island tomorrow.

Here in Hobart, there's snow on Mount Wellington down to about 300 meters. The afternoon show on ABC radio bravely announced they were defying the weather and would stay on air playing summer music, sipping cocktails and wearing Hawaiian shirts!

Driving through north Hobart I noticed at least one car with snow piled on its bonnet, a local custom on winter days to show that you've driven up to the snows and back.

Quote of the day:
"What you leave behind is not what is engraved in stone monuments, but what is woven into the lives of others." ~ Pericles

The shuttle has landed safely. (Praise God!) Before the Challenger disaster (and more recent tragedies) there was a feeling that spaceflight was safe and routine. The truth, of course, is very different.

Every astronaut takes their lives in their hands when they volunteer for space. That they return safely should be a cause for celebration after every flight.

Checking the latest Mandrake comic strip last week I was unpleasantly surprised to find that the King Features website now only offers you the current week instead of a month of strips. The reason is not surprising; they now have a paid service which allows you full access to that and many other comic strips.

That's become an increasingly common thing. Companies offer their stuff on-line for free till you become accustomed to immediate access to it. Then they bring in the paid option....

Other sites like, and Ucomics are still free, but I wouldn't put any big bets on them staying that way forever.

Small Victories department.

I've managed to get Kay back on-line. After I gave her a lift home on Tuesday evening I had a look at her computer and tried out the new ISP a couple of times.

Here's your trouble, I told her. When you typed in the phone number, you put an extra digit in the middle. All we have to do it delete that and... hey presto!

She was quite pleased. Not only has she been off-line for several weeks, but she now has a connection to Netspace that costs her only $8 a month.

I didn't try to explain the new Netspace Accelerator programme to her; let's just enjoy our little success.


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