Thursday, February 09, 2006

snow day

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After the hot weather last month, it was a shock to hear the weather forecast on Monday evening predict snowfalls in the mountains. And indeed it was quite brisk when we were leaving the New Sydney Hotel after the monthly quiz night.

Our results at the quiz were not exactly a tonic. Last month we won by a comfortable margin, but this month we sank right back to second-last. We didn't do too badly in some categories but the Sports/Television questions brought us undone. Sports are often our achilles heel and the television questions -- well, they were simply about the wrong programmes.

Listening to Brian Kay's light music programme on the BBC Radio website. It featured music selected by Secretary of the Robert Farnon Society David Ades, plus recordings by composers including Angela Morley, Robert Farnon, David Rose, Clive Richardson, Trevor Duncan and John Fox.

What surprised me was that the Robert Farnon society is celebrating its 50th birthday this year. Back in 1956, organizing a fan club for a composer would have seemed more than a little eccentric.

Of course these days every creative person of any type has their own Appreciation Society, their own website, their own newsletter ... ephemerae that used to be thrown away is now sold for a fortune on e-Bay.

Georgina Richmond writes: "I am in a concert 17 feb at Runnymede 8 p.m. -- celtic style harps, violin, flute etc very dreamy! If you want to come tickets are $15 or $10 from Kookaburra 62231019. Also I am having an exhibition 10 feb 6p.m. at Inka next to the Fairy shop in Salamanca Place."

. Maybe it's the milder weather this year, but there seems to be a lot of wildlife around. The other night we were leaving Julie's house and there was a rustling noise from a mass of blackberry plants.

Julie shone her light up at the top of the plants and after a moment we saw two black eyes staring back at us. Moving to one side a little we could see a round russet body and a furry tail.

The possum blinked at us, apparently unafraid. His wariness of us was balanced by his desire for the ripe blackberries.

Eventually we shut the light off and left him to it.

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