Monday, May 09, 2005

hello possum

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Possums galore this autumn.

Must be something in the air. Or in the trees.

At night Julie can hear them when she's feeding her livestock at night -- leaves rustling, branches swaying, the the characteristic cough-cough sound.

Her mastiff Saj is usually quite unconcerned about the local wildlife, but the possums really get him going. Julie sometimes sees him standing up against the trunk of a tree looking up as though he'd like to try and climb up into the branches after the noisy intruders.

They don't do any damage to speak of, but they often get all the neighbourhood dogs barking, which is not very popular with the local residents.

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Latest ratings in British radio show an increase in listeners for the digital station BBC7 which devotes a lot of its day to Old Time Radio. From 391,000 BBC 7 listeners in the last quarter of 2004, they have leapt by 41% to 556,000 listeners from January - March 2005.

(I wonder if the Poms were just sick and tired of the election coverage?)

Mary Kalemkerian (Head of Programmes BBC7) attended the European Broadcasting Union Conference, where she delivered a presentation on how an archive network can attract new listeners to speech radio.

The delegates were all from public service radio throughout Europe, and many ideas were shared and discussed. A common theme was, unsurprisingly, that "content, content, content" is the key to the success of any radio station.

Amen to that!

We got through Mother's Day all right. It wasn't great but it wasn't awful.

The first time is always the worst when you lose someone. First birthday, first Christmas, stuff like that.

After a couple of years the worst of the wounds have scabbed over, and I'm able to reflect on the past without it necessarily sending me into a spiral of gloom.

I no longer dream about my mother so frequently. Oh, she crops up now and again but that's only to be expected.

Maybe in another year or so I'll not only have stopped dwelling on the past but I'll be able to face the future.


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